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Our Tour Centre is the newest part of our airline operations. It provides pilots the opportunity to fly journeys that are made up of multiple legs, giving them a more felxible flying experience.

Perfect for those pilots who dream of flying to far off places, but can only fly for 1-2 hrs at a time. It's perfect for those who just want to try something different and fly to places they've never been to before.

Current tours available include:

Around the UK in seven legs

Island hop around the Carribean

Visit the Nordic Fjords and Mountains

Visit the highlands and the lowlands on the Scotland Tour!

Around the World Tour

Malta and the Med

Switzerland Tour

DownUnder Jet Tour

The Flybe Route Tour

Our Cargo Ops module gives those pilots who love the TNTs and FedEx's of this world, their chance to make it as a Cargo Pilot. The module creates scheduled freight flights for you to perform for one of a number of our cargo airlines.

The scheduling provides a multitude of cargo types and schedules against different airlines. You can also set your flight sim to the scheduled departure time to see if you can hit your scheduled arrival time.

If you fancy that more realistic airline pilot feeling, our Charter Ops centre is perfect. The Charter Centre Module creates a randomized series of charter flights using our various airlines. It provides pilots with a set route, with set departure and arrival times.

Test yourself against these schedules and see if you have what it takes to operate just like a charter pilot would.

Our Pilot Academy is still in its infancy, but our aim is to make this a great resource for new and experienced pilots to learn more about basic flight and more advanced techniques.

We already have tutorials on SIDs, STARS and ILS landing approach with more to come.

Our Pilot Events are an excellent facility for both staff and pilots to create and add their own events. Whether you want to do a group flight, a training flight or just simply an impromptu invite to some friends.

The Events Centre allows you to create, advertise and manage sign ups for events and it will even email pilots to remind them of your event.

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Charter Centre

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Tour Centre

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Pilot Academy

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Live Flights

Airline Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft Status
SCC Charles Balzan SCC8855 LICA LMML 737-800 Cruising
SCC Kobi Le Cornu SCC456 BIKF KTPA 757-200 Climbing

Recent Flights

Airline Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
BAWBAW2610Steve ColleyEGKKLIRNA32002.43-126 ft/mAccepted
SCCSCC9604Charles BalzanWSSSWMKKCESSNA 20801.08-75 ft/mAccepted
SCCSCC304Kobi Le CornuBIHNBIRKDASH 8 Q40000.49-306 ft/mAccepted
SCCSCC833Henry HigginsBIHNBIRKPC-1201.05-125 ft/mAccepted

Booked Flights

Airline Flight # Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft
SCC SCC456 Kobi Le Cornu BIKF KTPA 757-200
SCC SCC8855 Charles Balzan LICA LMML 737-800
SCC SCC074 Andrew Drummond EGLL EHAM 737-700
SCC SCC1365 Leon Lauritsen EGKK EGPH A320

Latest News


Posted by Harry Hughes on 06/06/2017

If you are one of those who has upgraded their P3D to V4, you will probably be busy updating your many add-on aircraft, scenery etc. I just thought it would be useful to let you know the status of one of the most important add-ons for Virtual Airlines. FSUIPC has been the key component for tracking flights and communicating with 3rd party add-ons for many years. The good news is that Pete Downson has updated FSUIPC4 to a new FSUIPC5 which now supports P3D V4 64bit. If you are using P3D V4 then you will absolutely need this to track your flights for us. More good news, it is still completely free, although you need to register on Pete's forum to find the free version. I will see if I can make it accessible through your Pilot Centre. - Harry GAA001 - CEO & Founder

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BAW023 Steve Colley has filed a PIREP from EGKK to LIRN View Flight Report

GAA011 Charles Balzan has filed a PIREP from WSSS to WMKK View Flight Report

ICE042 Kobi Le Cornu has filed a PIREP from BIHN to BIRK View Flight Report

EZY051 Henry Higgins has filed a PIREP from BIHN to BIRK View Flight Report

BAW041 Haydyn Sleight has filed a PIREP from BIHN to BIRK View Flight Report

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