Airline Operations

Our Tour Centre is the newest part of our airline operations. It provides pilots the opportunity to fly journeys that are made up of multiple legs, giving them a more felxible flying experience.

Perfect for those pilots who dream of flying to far off places, but can only fly for 1-2 hrs at a time. It's perfect for those who just want to try something different and fly to places they've never been to before.

Current tours available include:

Around the UK in seven legs

Visit the highlands and the lowlands on the Scotland Tour!

DownUnder Jet Tour

Our Cargo Ops module gives those pilots who love the TNTs and FedEx's of this world, their chance to make it as a Cargo Pilot. The module creates scheduled freight flights for you to perform for one of a number of our cargo airlines.

The scheduling provides a multitude of cargo types and schedules against different airlines. You can also set your flight sim to the scheduled departure time to see if you can hit your scheduled arrival time.

If you fancy that more realistic airline pilot feeling, our Charter Ops centre is perfect. The Charter Centre Module creates a randomized series of charter flights using our various airlines. It provides pilots with a set route, with set departure and arrival times.

Test yourself against these schedules and see if you have what it takes to operate just like a charter pilot would.

Our Pilot Academy is still in its infancy, but our aim is to make this a great resource for new and experienced pilots to learn more about basic flight and more advanced techniques.

We already have tutorials on SIDs, STARS and ILS landing approach with more to come.

Our Pilot Events are an excellent facility for both staff and pilots to create and add their own events. Whether you want to do a group flight, a training flight or just simply an impromptu invite to some friends.

The Events Centre allows you to create, advertise and manage sign ups for events and it will even email pilots to remind them of your event.

Aircraft Software Tools

TeamSpeak 3 is a small but powerful piece of communications software. Much like skype but it gives you more access to collaborate with files, chat and create different channels for different needs. The only thing you can't do is video chat.

Teamspeak 3 is now one of the most widely used pieces of chat and collaboration software used by gamers, even ahead of skype. At Global Air Alliance, it is our primary means of communicating in real-time, outside of our multiplayer session.

It is therefor one of the first pieces of software you should install after signing up with us as a pilot. All of our training sessions, joint flight training and meetings will take place on the Teamspeak 3 server.

Do I have to speak on Teamspeak?

There is no requirement for you to have to speak on TS3. If English is not your first language or you just want peace and quiet, you can sit in the channel and just listen or you can type in the chat box or you can join one of the other channels to have some peace. Be being on Teamspeak though, it allows us to contact you or message you if we need to.

FSX Multiplayer is probably one of the first ways you'll be introduced to our virtual airline. We may have spoken to you online or you may have seen some information we posted in the chatbox. It is still the biggest source of new pilots for the airline and so remains a key tool in our airline's growth.

FSX Multiplayer has some great aspects as listed below:

Air Traffic Control

It offers the ability for any player to choose to be an ATC Tower Controller. Providing live ATC, regardless of how professionally it is done, is still one of the biggest factors of a popular server. On our London Heathrow + ATC, we have regular controlling that allows you to practice your comms just for your own enjoyment or when preparing to fly on Vatsim.

Same FSX Free Flight Features

You also have most of the same features you have in the normal free-flight available in FSX Multiplayer. You can choose which airport you depart from, what gate you want to spawn at, all the flight planning tools you usually use etc. The only things controlled by the server are the time of day and the weather setting. The rest is down to you.

Voice Comms

You can also chat across live comms with ATC from you aircraft. The comms quality on FSX at the moment is not the best but we have asked the developers to consider making improvements as it is controlled by Steam. Our server is set to "voice comms using aircraft radios", this means that you must have your aircraft radio tuned to the tower frequency in order to talk to ATC.

If you are finding the default comms in fsx too bad for you to hear clearly, you can join our Teamspeak server and use comms through there, which is crystal clear.

Live Events

The multiplayer server also allows us to run events for our pilots and new pilots. We can have two or more controllers on at different airports and then using the radios, pilots can take off from one airport, get handed over to the arrival airport for landing. Again this makes it a much more realistic experience and is a great way to engage new pilots.

Vatsim is the world's largest and most realistic flight network. It is primarily an ATC specific network, but obviously you need pilots to make it work

It is certainly one of the most enjoyable aspects of flight sim when you are ready to take you flying realism to the next level.

The key thing with Vatsim is that it is designed to replicate real-world Air Traffic Control and therefor you must understand well enough, the procedures involved from starting at the gate to taxiing, take off clearance, approach and landings. You should also understand SIDs & STARs, ATIS and Flight planning. Some controllers will be unforgiving if you do not know your stuff.

The great news is that we can teach you everything you need to know in order to fly on vatsim for our airline. You must be cleared by one of the senior admins from Global Air Alliance if you want to fly on Vatsim using a VIR callsign.

What it is?

FlightSim Commander is a professional flight planner, GPS, Moving Map & navigation tool for Flight Simulator 2004, Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. Being a stand-alone program, FlightSim Commander can also be used in a network or with single-monitor or multi-monitor systems.

The program includes among many features:

  • flight planning for entire routes or route segments
  • display of both ground and airborne AI traffic,
  • real-world and user waypoint database,
  • North Atlantic Tracks and PACOTs,
  • automatic Logbook and Blackbox recording,
  • control zone checks for VFR flights,
  • GPS with real-time display of all relevant parameters,
  • Navigation Data display of all relevant informations,
  • procedure generator and fuel calculator,
  • SIDs/STARs/Transitions and route segments,
  • approach charts including missed approaches
  • printable airport layout charts
  • © VATSIM and © IVAO support
  • © GoogleEarth support
  • FS Global Real Weather data import

FSUIPC4 is a small utility software addon for FSX that allows your game to communicate to our tracking software.

You can download the addon from the Pilot Centre and it is an .EXE file you run. When given the option to register, simply select "No". Once the installer has run, start your FSX and you will be prompted to install FSUIPC4 as an addon into FSX.

Active Sky Next (ASN) is the next weather simulation engine from HiFi Technologies, Inc. In development for over 3 years, this new version of Active Sky has a completely new depiction system to enable enhanced visuals, accuracy and smoothness never before possible.

Using new low-level weather control techniques, the new depiction system eliminates many problems faced in the past, including inaccurate cloud locations, inaccurate coverage, thin overcast and excessive coverage gaps, non-smooth cloud transitions, inaccurate winds, and required compromises in depiction settings.

With ASN, your skies will be accurate, smooth, visually stunning and uncompromised. No longer must you configure complicated settings to achieve accuracy in certain areas while compromising others. You can have it all, all the time.

ASN also introduces, for the first time ever in a weather engine: Complete cloud position awareness, synchronized cloud-based ambient weather effects and an integrated accurate radar simulation. Precipitation is accurately depicted in the proper locations within and below appropriate cloud structures. Entering or exiting a cloud brings an appropriate change in precipitation, visibility and turbulence. The exact position of clouds and precipitation cells are always synchronized between the simulator depiction and the radar display.

Thunderstorms have been given great attention, utilizing the new depiction system, ambient effects, radar and cloud position synchronization. Completely new microburst, updraft and downdraft, enhanced turbulence and wind-shear effects combine to make thunderstorms beautiful yet dangerous. Using the new radar system will be key to safe piloting in the vicinity of these storms.

Full International Airmet/Sigmet simulation is now provided in real time weather mode, with airmet/sigmet areas shown visually on the map and/or gauge. These areas are now also synthesized, influencing weather depiction appropriately. If a Sigmet warns against severe turbulence, convective activity, or icing, you can expect to encounter this appropriately during your flight.

New voice weather briefings, a new intuitive user interface with resizable/undockable and multi-window support, redesigned high-resolution wake turbulence simulation and enhanced air effects are just a few of the other new features in ASN.

ASN is now officially available for both FSX and P3Dv2.5. An ASN license entitles users to use both FSX and/or P3Dv2 versions, as long as they are used on the same computer.

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