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Our Tour Centre is the newest part of our airline operations. It provides pilots the opportunity to fly journeys that are made up of multiple legs, giving them a more felxible flying experience.

Perfect for those pilots who dream of flying to far off places, but can only fly for 1-2 hrs at a time. It's perfect for those who just want to try something different and fly to places they've never been to before.

Current tours available include:

Around the UK in seven legs

Visit the highlands and the lowlands on the Scotland Tour!

DownUnder Jet Tour

Our Cargo Ops module gives those pilots who love the TNTs and FedEx's of this world, their chance to make it as a Cargo Pilot. The module creates scheduled freight flights for you to perform for one of a number of our cargo airlines.

The scheduling provides a multitude of cargo types and schedules against different airlines. You can also set your flight sim to the scheduled departure time to see if you can hit your scheduled arrival time.

If you fancy that more realistic airline pilot feeling, our Charter Ops centre is perfect. The Charter Centre Module creates a randomized series of charter flights using our various airlines. It provides pilots with a set route, with set departure and arrival times.

Test yourself against these schedules and see if you have what it takes to operate just like a charter pilot would.

Our Pilot Academy is still in its infancy, but our aim is to make this a great resource for new and experienced pilots to learn more about basic flight and more advanced techniques.

We already have tutorials on SIDs, STARS and ILS landing approach with more to come.

Our Pilot Events are an excellent facility for both staff and pilots to create and add their own events. Whether you want to do a group flight, a training flight or just simply an impromptu invite to some friends.

The Events Centre allows you to create, advertise and manage sign ups for events and it will even email pilots to remind them of your event.

Flight UAE817

Pilot Departure Airport Arrival Airport Aircraft Flight Time Date Route Status
Joe Mifsud Dubai (OMDB) King Khalid International (OERK) 747-400 (B744) 01.20 06/12/2022 No route details Accepted
Gross Revenue Fuel Cost
(604 load / £ 94.00 per unit) £ 56,776.00 (31981 fuel used @ 0.8 / unit) £ 25,584.80

Additional Log Information:

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smartCARS version, 2022-12-6 UTC
[19:31:20] Preflight started, flying offline
[19:31:20] Flying Boeing 747-400 Paint1
[19:31:20] Engine 1 is on
[19:31:20] Engine 2 is on
[19:31:20] Engine 3 is on
[19:31:20] Engine 4 is on
[19:31:22] Flaps set to position 2
[19:31:29] Pushing back with 59977 lb of fuel
[19:31:54] Sim paused
[19:32:34] Sim unpaused
[19:32:39] Taxiing to runway
[19:32:45] Taking off
[19:33:29] Climbing, pitch: 6, roll: 2 degrees left, 204 kts
[19:33:37] Gear lever raised at 91 ft at 211 kts
[19:35:20] Flaps set to position 1 at 3074 ft at 227 kts
[19:35:54] Flaps set to position 0 at 4074 ft at 227 kts
[19:53:40] Cruising at 36000ft, pitch: 4, 449 kts
[20:22:06] Sim paused
[21:09:29] Sim unpaused
[21:09:32] Descending
[21:24:09] Exceeded 250 KIAS below 10,000 feet MSL
[21:25:36] Speed corrected at 7462 ft after a max speed of 270 kts
[21:26:31] Approaching
[21:26:59] Flaps set to position 1 at 2860 ft at 238 kts
[21:27:17] Flaps set to position 2 at 2322 ft at 239 kts
[21:27:32] Flaps set to position 3 at 2028 ft at 230 kts
[21:27:51] Flaps set to position 4 at 1897 ft at 204 kts
[21:27:58] Gear lever lowered at 1907 ft at 192 kts
[21:28:14] Flaps set to position 5 at 1812 ft at 173 kts
[21:28:17] Gear lever raised at 1813 ft at 171 kts
[21:28:17] Gear lever lowered at 1811 ft at 170 kts
[21:28:23] Flaps set to position 6 at 1805 ft at 168 kts
[21:34:26] Final approach, 171 kts
[21:35:44] Sim paused
[21:37:25] Sim unpaused
[21:40:46] Touched down at -447 fpm, gear lever: down, pitch: 1, roll: level, 159 kts
[21:41:12] Landed in 4819 ft, fuel: 28269 lb, weight: 519286 lb
[21:41:12] Taxiing to gate
[21:42:25] The flight may now be ended
[21:42:25] Arrived, flight duration: 01:20
[21:42:52] Flaps set to position 0
[21:43:09] Engine 1 is off
[21:43:11] Engine 3 is off
[21:43:12] Engine 2 is off
[21:43:13] Engine 4 is off

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